Once again, New Horizons staff participated in the ACE Get Ready for Collage field trip to Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. This year coach Quinesha Preston was part of the team that accompanied eighteen (18) “Get Ready..” kids on an all-day trip to Southwestern. What started last year with the idea of having the kids be able to envision themselves in a college setting and getting a basic understanding of what it might take to get there has expanded with more access and increased cooperation from Southwestern.

This year, along with an orientation presentation from the admissions office, tours of the recreation facility and student center and a meeting and “throw-around” with the lacrosse team, kids got a tours of the campus theater, science lab facilities, campus church and even the residence halls.

Being comfortable with what college life looks and feels like and being armed with an early understanding of the requirements to get there is the first step in getting there. With knowledge, confidence and preparation, these students could be the first in their families to attend college.



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