New Horizons Lacrosse collaborated with After-school Centers for Education (ACE) to expose 100-125 elementary and middle school kids to soft lacrosse in the after-school setting over this school year. Eight (8) schools were involved. From this co-educational experience, thirty (30) boys and eight (8) girls chose to participate, at one time or another, in regulation lacrosse practices held on the week end.

Twelve practices were held over the the spring. ACE provided bus transportation for the students from the participating schools while New Horizons coordinated practices and provided coaches, meals or snacks and furnished team equipment for the players. The City of Austin, Parks and 

Recreation Department provided field space at no cost. Martin Middle School provided a “team closet” for equipment storage near the practice fields.

Coaching was provided by Mike Wright, Tyler Moore, Quinesha Preston and Allison Cuellar. Allison is shown here with students at practice.

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