For the last two school years, New Horizons Lacrosse has collaborated with The Afterschool Centers for Education (ACE) and NHLF Services to provide soft-lacrosse instruction and general support with collage preparation in several Austin Independent School District (AISD) schools through a newly created “Get Ready for College” program. In 2010-11, Pecan Springs, Winn, and Harris Elementary schools participated. In that first, pilot-project year team collaboration resulted in, what is now, an annual Southwestern University field trip (see other news items below for more details). Southwestern is the first university in Texas to offer NCAA lacrosse to student athletes.

In 2011-12, Harris, and Winn again participated while Norman and Barrington Elementary schools were added. Barrington holds a Recognized rating within AISD and students there showed the highest degree of interest and commitment to both soft-lacrosse and regulation lacrosse.

This year (2012-13) “Get Ready…” will be in eight schools. Lacrosse will be featured at four – again, at Barrington and three new schools (Hart, Pickle and Brown Elementary schools).

This summer (2012) the state-wide ACE convention recognized the Get Ready for College Program with an award for the “Most Innovative Activity” for the creation and implementation of the program.

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