During the 2012-2013 school year, New Horizons has renewed its commitment to outreach in public school PE classes to bring kids an opportunities to learn and play an unfamiliar but interesting sport. Eight (8) elementary and middle schools have been visited so far. Demonstrations focus on the history of lacrosse, modern regulation lacrosse and basic co-educational “soft lacrosse” skills.  As  everyone wants to play, each three-session demonstration includes indoor “3 on 3 – half-court” and outside “Indian Lacrosse” where all students are on the field together –  as many as 50 boys and girls from time to time.

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Each visit to a school is an opportunity to talk to these students not only about lacrosse, but also about healthy life-style habits and the process of preparing for college.  Over this school year more than 600 students have been introduced to lacrosse and how it might become part of their academic career as student athletes.

Thank you to the elementary and middle school PE teachers and administrators for their encouragement and support.

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