This spring New Horizons will be assisting targeted primary and middle schools in central Austin to implement soft-lacrosse on campus. All schools will be Title I with a high level of both families qualifying for free-or-reduced meals and a high minority student population. Implementation will be through PE class and/or after-school programming depending on the campus. The primary school programs will include a weekly soft-lacrosse gathering at Martin Middle School for competitions in the late spring. We are hopeful that soft-lacrosse in the target middle schools will engage the campuses and administrations with the sport and lead to the formation of regulation lacrosse teams that compete in the local lacrosse community. In conjunction with the US Lacrosse Soft-Stick grant program, we will be providing each target campus with a set of soft-lacrosse equipment that can be deployed as needed at each school.

If you are interested in adopting a school in order to help implement this program, please contact us. We will need experienced lacrosse personnel to go into PE classes or attend after-school settings in order to teach the teachers while teaching the students. If you are more organizationally inclined, we will also need a Volunteer Coordinator to drive this program. We would very much appreciate another oar in the water for this project.

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