Garcia MS incorporates “Soft Lacrosse” in co-ed, class setting

The Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE ) program and the Physical Education staff at Garcia Middle School collaborated this fall to investigate the interest in lacrosse at their campus. A two-step plan was formed. Step one, under the guidance and encouragement of ACE coordinator, Cheryl Price, PE coaches were given a short mini-clinic by local volunteers, John Boehme and Derek Craig and sponsored by the New Horizons Lacrosse Fund (NHLF).  Step two involved lacrosse being selected as a “Coaches Pick”  feature  during PE for one week with  NHLF provided volunteers  managing  classes during this period. Based on the interest level of students, Garcia MS will implement lacrosse as a PE “unit” in the regular rotation of programs within the established AISD curriculum.

Basic Soft Lacrosse equipment had been previously provided to Garcia MS through a grant by US Lacrosse. Additional equipment was provide by NHLF with assistance from local supporters. Soft Lacrosse is a co-educational form of non-contact lacrosse. Future plans include incorporation of lacrosse in the after-school program which could lead to the formation of a team that competes in the already established youth league, Central Texas Youth Lacrosse (CTYLA).

Coach Rey Aguirre, Garcia MS.,  Cheryl Price, ACE – 21st C Site Coordinator, Garcia MS, and Shannon Cardona, Athletic Dept. Head, Garcia MS with PE students.

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