Austin, Texas. Remote not possible due to the in-person nature of programming.


New Horizons Lacrosse is a sports-based youth development organization dedicated
to supporting low-income youth and youth of color in the greater Austin area. With
the indigenous sport of lacrosse as its foundation, New Horizons Lacrosse strives to
build community, provide impactful opportunities for youth and families to recreate,
and improve academic and social outcomes for the youth and families it serves.
We are currently seeking youth lacrosse coaches to support the facilitation and
execution of 2022 New Horizons Lacrosse programming through our Fall Ball and
Spring seasons, serving any Austin-area 5th-8th grade student who enrolls.

Candidates must possess strong leadership and time management skills.
The New Horizons Lacrosse program is a vehicle for an initial introduction to the
indigenous sport of lacrosse and serves as the primary recruitment tool for
additional community-building and support services. Other lacrosse offerings
include learn-to-play clinics, in-school physical education classes, and connections to
extra clinic and summer camp opportunities provided by partner organizations.

Position Summary

The candidate’s primary responsibility is to support the New Horizons Leadership
Team with the delivery of programming:
● Coach lacrosse practices at New Horizons sites and with community partner
● Serve as a liaison between New Horizons Leadership Team and families
● Assist with registration and attendance tracking of student-athletes
● Organize and inventory equipment/apparel for student-athletes
● Report to Director of Programming, Head Coaches, and Leadership Team
regarding all program updates and execution of practices
● Contribute to practice plans and curriculum development, as applicable
Because we primarily serve low-income students and students of color, it is
imperative that our coaches demonstrate:
● cultural competency and/or a willingness and effort to develop a mindset of
equity, justice, and inclusion– our team consists of immigrants, children of
immigrants, free-and-reduced lunch students, students who live in Section 8
● a desire and affinity for working with kids and commitment to their health
and safety (physical, psychological, and emotional) – our playersin the
prime of their adolescence where mental health and physical health must be
● intent to coach for the entire school year and on a consistent basis -–
dependably showing up is very important for relationship-building with our
● demonstrate a high level of coachability/teachability – as a growing,
volunteer-led organization, we are constantly iterating upon our systems,
processes, and programming, and are looking for coaches who will be flexible
and grow with us

The job description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job and not an
comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks, and duties. The
responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outlined in
this job description and other duties, as assigned, might be part of the job.

General Overview

Current days/times of need:
Mondays, 4-7 PM CST (Flexible)
Saturdays, 9 AM-1 PM CST

Mondays-Fridays, 7 AM-5 PM CST, for select in-school programming

Weekly time commitments will typically not exceed 5-7 hours. Monthly time
commitments will typically not exceed 25-30 hours/month (hours will vary based on
season), including meetings and practices.
● access to car preferable
● Spanish-speaking applicants preferred, but not required
● experience working with children preferred
● Women, non-binary, LGBTIQIA+ folx, and volunteers of color encouraged to
● Lacrosse experience and knowledge of the game preferred, but not necessary
Multiple positions are available. Applicants must agree to submit to a background
check and to register with US Lacrosse, subsidized by NHL.

Job Types

Part-time, Volunteer
Part-time, Contract ($750 stipend per semester with 80%+ attendance)

To apply, email leadership@newhorizonslacrosse.org with a few sentences
describing your interest in the role, résumé, and or other credentials. Applications
accepted on a rolling basis.

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