This spring, New Horizons Lacrosse participated in the organization of a field trip by East Austin Elementary students to Southwestern University in Georgetown Students in the Afterschool Centers for Education (ACE), met with admission office personnel and learned about the admissions process and the basic elements required for a successful college application.

Extracurricular activities are one of the elements that are considered by college admissions boards. While on campus, student union, athletic and other recreational and educational facilities were part of the overall self-guided tour. Students were encouraged to see themselves in a university setting like Southwestern.

Southwestern offers both Men’s and Women’s lacrosse as an extracurricular activity. The men’s team is the first NCAA lacrosse program in Texas. The women’s team is a club sport. Students met with the men’s head coach and participated in a “throw-around” with both men and women collegiate players. On the return trip to Austin, the bus was mostly quiet except for one excited student that was overheard telling another student “I’m going to go to Southwestern and I’m going to play lacrosse!”

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