Most of us know the link between the Native American culture and the fast-growing sport of lacrosse. In the northeastern United States, there are more than a few Tomahawk Lacrosse teams. Several years ago Lake Travis Youth Lacrosse (LTYL) used the name for their teams. Recently, as ties to the Lake Travis Cavaliers name were strengthened, existing Tomahawk jerseys, and the name, were retired. Encouraged by John Maggio, long-time area lacrosse organizer and coach, LTYL donated more than 150 game jerseys to New Horizons Lacrosse.

Everyone wants to win but some of us know that it is more important that our student athletes have fun and take home some good life lessons from their playing experience. However, everybody knows that looking good  while playing is the most important thing. Thanks to this generous donation, kids that have not had the chance to participate in the game of lacrosse can feel pride as they play under the banner of New Horizons in Tomahawk jerseys. Tradition and culture have been passed to a new group in the lacrosse community. Thanks, LTYL and John Maggio.


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